How to add working symlinks in iOS

First of all, symlinks are very useful for when you’re developing and testing something locally. For example, a WordPress plugin. Typical setup in this case would be a separate plugin folder with all the developers tools, libraries and sub-folders plus everything you need to publish it on plugin repository. Of course, not all of this is needed in a production build and you want to test them locally, too. This is where a symlink can really help you out.

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How to read WP REST API response body in JavaScript

I’ve been playing with WordPress REST APIs lately and found out that very little information is available about default endpoints and even less: about modifying them or creating you own. Especially when it comes to adding things in you DB and working with REST API responses afterwards.

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Art of small steps

“Lord, I ask not about miracles, and not the mirages, and the strength of each day. Teach me the art of small steps.

Make me an observant and resourceful, that the diversity of everyday life in time to dwell on the discoveries and experiences that made me excited. Teach me how to properly dispose of time in my life. Give me a subtle flair to distinguish primary from the secondary.

I ask about the power of restraint and measures that I have on life fluttered and slid, and wisely planned throughout the day, could see the tops and gave, and even sometimes to find time to enjoy art.

Help me to understand that dreams can not be a help. No dreams of the past or dreams of the future. Help me to be here and now and accept that moment as the most important. Protected me from a naive belief that everything in life should be smooth. Give me a clear consciousness that the complexity of defeat, the fall and failure are just a natural part of life, through which we grow and mature.

Remind me that the heart often argues with reason. Send me the right time for someone who has the courage to tell me the truth, but tell her loving!

I know that many problems can be solved if we do nothing, so teach me patience.

You know how much we need the friendship. Let me be worthy of the most beautiful and tender Dara Destiny. Give me a rich imagination to the right time, at the right time, right place, in silence, or speaking, give someone the necessary heat.

Make me a man who knows how to reach those who really “down”. Protect me from fear to miss something in life. Give me not what I want myself and what I really needed.

Teach me the art of small steps.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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Carbon Fields, Local and symlinks

Just a quick reminder to my future self: if you ever will find yourself stuck again, spending countless hours trying to understand why Carbon Fields doesn’t work inside your brand new WordPress plugin you’re developing locally using Local environment, Composer AND a symlink to a separate plugin folder somewhere on you computer.


For some reason, Local + Carbon Fields + Composer + Symlink don’t really get along very well together so you’re probably better off just having a regular gitified plugin folder inside Local container. And no fancy symlinks, please.

Btw, problem persists on all environments, be it Ubuntu or macOS.


For all other setups symlinks can be really useful so I’ll leave this snippet here, showing how to create one. It allows you to work on anything in a separate folder and test it easily on a local environment from a different place.

ln -s /Users/pavel/Documents/Plugins/my-plugin/ /Users/pavel/Local\ Sites/website.local/app/public/wp-content/plugins/my-plugin

On stock market

Like it or not, stock market today works as the global ocean. It engulfs everything and affects everyone. And just as the global ocean, it can wreck havoc on entire countries, even continents. There are tsunamis, storms and killer waves. Cities can be swept away in a matter of hours. But simple grain of sand can be thrown to great heights by mighty powers it can’t even begin to understand. The only way to avoid being drawn with the currents is to stay at the bottom, preferably under a huge rock (but even so you’re not 100% safe).

Do you really want to stay on the bottom for the whole life?

I say: if there is no escape, you have to learn how to stay on top of those waves. Learn how to play along with stock market and do not attempt to hide from it. There really is no way to do it in modern days.

Turkish culture

One of my old dreams was to casually meet and have a meaningful chat with someone in a foreign country, from a completely different background. Seems easy (especially for you, extroverts!) but if you think of it, it may actually be not so simple, given our hectic lifestyle.

Well, my one-year old son 🧒 does it with such an ease that it makes me wonder, where the hell did he learn it? Yesterday, while we were walking along the seaside in Fethiye, Turkey, he saw a kid playing with a toy car. He then strolled towards the kid, inviting to play together. My son was about 4 times younger, from another country, totally different culture and yet, they got along immediately. Kids parents, seeing this, bought us an ice-cream and this is something people don’t normally do in Russia. It also happened to be the first ice-cream my son ever tasted.

After that (and some awkward moments of us don’t know what to do) they invited us three to have a tea with them in a nearest restaurant. That was truly wonderful 2 hours we spent there, talking about casual things, sharing stories about our children and just watching them play together. It’s really interesting to watch little ones communicate and care about each other.

Makes me wonder when people tend to lose this ability to understand one another, no matter what.

Thank you, Jamal, for this experience. I hope it all will be well with your mother.

It’s funny how the economy is about to collapse because people are only buying what they need

On influencers and social “proof”

There is one trait of modern society which really annoys me. I think it doesn’t have a name (yet) but is very close to well-known syndrome, called narcissism. But it’s not quite that.

People tend to blindly believe anything from influencers with huge numbers of followers on social media. Amount of bullshit sold that way is just staggering. And it’s everywhere: IT, medicine, politics, economics, science. The more “social proof” you have, the more expert you are.

Damn, even Google started taking it into account for website rankings!

C’mon, people, it doesn’t work like that. Talking about the way and walking the way are two completely different things. Buying a couple of hundred posts on forums and blogs doesn’t make one an expert in anything, it’s that simple.

To all: start thinking for yourself, it’s good for your health.

To influencers: we can definitely use some modesty here.