There is one trait of modern society which really annoys me. I think it doesn’t have a name (yet) but is very close to well-known syndrome, called narcissism. But it’s not quite that.

People tend to blindly believe anything from influencers with huge numbers of followers on social media. Amount of bullshit sold that way is just staggering. And it’s everywhere: IT, medicine, politics, economics, science. The more “social proof” you have, the more expert you are.

Damn, even Google started taking it into account for website rankings!

C’mon, people, it doesn’t work like that. Talking about the way and walking the way are two completely different things. Buying a couple of hundred posts on forums and blogs doesn’t make one an expert in anything, it’s that simple.

To all: start thinking for yourself, it’s good for your health.

To influencers: we can definitely use some modesty here.

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