The whole idea of this page is inspired by Carl Alexander, but in general this is the page I update several times a year and write about my current status, work and location.

Let this year end

Finally, 2020 is coming to the end. Marc, Lead designer from Whisk asked me if I’m going to take vacation and celebrate it. Celebrate. I said that there is nothing to celebrate (well, except finally releasing Whisk Recipes WordPress plugin at 31.12.2020) and I just wish the year to end. This is true in so many ways that I’d just leave it at that.

I’m meeting New Year in my hometown, Kaluga and it is the first year when I am truly on my own. Just as my father was at my age. History is repeated itself on this one. Will visit his home though, as it is now my (and my sister’s) responsibility.

Kaluga is the “New Year Capital” this year. Whatever that means. Still, they’ve decorated it pretty well.

Initial culture shock after returning from Turkey is gone but I can’t deny that my energy levels are much lower right now. Lack of sun an physical activities is taking a toll on me, so really looking forward to move somewhere in Spring.


14 of August is my son’s birthday. It also is the day I burried my father. He died so unexpectedly and so quickly that it feels almost unreal. I haven’t said so much to him and the simple fact that I never will left massive hole inside of me.

But just before the day he had a stroke I saw him, talked to him and I guess he was happy. This is the only thing that keeps me sane right now. This, and my (only) family.

This is where I saw my father sane and alive for the last time


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