Difference between 54 and */54 in crontab

We’re using CLI (specifically WP CLI) a lot and this week I’ve spent a couple of days trying to find a reason for a very strange behavior. A task, scheduled to execute every 54 minutes does so, but also starts at 00 minutes every hour. I might have never found it, but that specific task sent emails at every run to different people and they started complaining about spam.

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Yet another thing about motivation

Imagine that you have everything: profitable project, great team, new challenges every day. But one morning you wake up and don’t want to go work. Don’t feel any desire to go there, talk to people, solve problems, do things.

They call it “motivation gap”. They’ll tell you to take a break, relax, change focus or something. And it’ll return, you’ll be just fine. Or will you?

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Snow and beauty of winter in Moscow, 2019

Today is February 14 and it’s truly beautiful outside. I mean it, this million-shades of grey landscape is awesome. I feel at home with it. Large snowflakes falling, everything is white and clean. Not freezing cold. Not brown dirty. Just white. You can see not more than 500 meters ahead of you and after that all is just plain white.

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Hello world!

I’m 33 years old and don’t know shit. Been learning all my life and now I know less things than I did 10 years ago. And that’s okay, or so they say.

One thing I do know is that you can’t escape yourself or lie to yourself. It will get you eventually, no matter what. So that’s what I’m going to do in this blog. Won’t tell lies here, no sir. Only hard-earned, real-lived true stories and personal experiences, no matter how stupid or fucked up they appear.

It will be hard, of course, but I’ll try.

No one will read it anyway, so I won’t even bother with Google Analytics or some other metrics. There are millions of cool and positive blogs out there, seriously.

Let’s get it started then!

p.s. I thought writing this first post will be somehow liberating and motivating. That it’ll immediately allow me to write better, or start being a better person, or something. Tough, it didn’t.